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USDA Custom Approved Meat Processing

We offer custom meat processing services in our modern, clean, efficient, USDA-approved, health-inspected facility. From slaughter through custom cutting and wrapping, we take pride in preparing clean, healthy cuts of meat ready for your table.

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Beef*   Pork   Sheep   Goats

Chorizos, Sausage, Brats, and more

*Brand Inspection Required for all Beef

We also offer custom-cut USDA-approved retail meats

We purchase USDA-approved bulk meats and cut them to your custom order. You can buy individual cuts and we also have custom meat packages available.

Call or text Armando at 775-234-7107 to place an order today.

 D Bar X Meats, LLC
14100 East 3311 South
Ely, Nevada 89301-0102

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